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Events and Workshops

Here is a current list of the events and workshops we have planned as of now. We will continue to update this page as more are scheduled


Thursday: Welcome reception

Saturday: Keynote and awards dinner

Sunday: Agent and editor speed dating

Book signing throughout the weekend

Hands on Workshop : Voiceover & Narration with Carlos Ferro 

Carlos will hold small group voice classes where he will teach Voiceover and Narration.

Students will leave the class with their own demo recording.

There will be an additional cost of $50 for this class. You can sign-up during registration. Space is very limited and we are expecting the classes to sell out quickly!

Workshops and Panels

Course Track: Writing

Everything YA with Soman Chainani

Writing for Film & Television

One-on-One with 4 Horsemen Publications

Small group Q&A with Soman Chainani

One-on-One with Acquiring Editors

Developmental Editing

In-Depth Character Development

How to Deploy Humor Effectively within Scenes

Character Arc vs. Plot Arc

Writing From a Perspective You Don't Share

How to Adapt a Work for the Screen

Images & Text: How Illustrations Enhance a Story

How to Elicit Deep Emotions from Your Reader(s)

How to write in RPGs

Revising your novel or how many times can I write this darn book


How to not suck at storytelling

Getting unstuck - How to refill the creative well

Memoir and Non-fiction - How to tell a true story and keep the audience engaged

Genre fiction workshops in Crime/Thriller/Suspence, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal and More...


Course Track: Dialog and Voice Work - Bringing Books to Life


How to Write for Audiobooks

Audiobook Narrator panels

Q&A with Carlos Ferro 


Course Track: An Agent's Perspective

How to pitch to an agent

How to create a great log line / elevator pitch

From acceptance to print - what to expect during the publishing process

Get an agent or acquiring editors honest perspective on the following:



Young Adult and Mid-Grade Literature

Children's Literature






Course Track: The Business of Creativity

How to Self-Publish Successfully

A.I. and the Future of Writing

A.I. and Intellectual Property

How and When to Deploy A.I. in Your Writing

A.I. and Intellectual Property: Where We Are and Where We're Going

How to Get Jobs Writing in Other People's Universes

How to Partner with a Publicist

How to Sell at Conventions

Marketing, Branding, and Promotion

Book Marketing

Crowdfunding Your Book

A Deep-Dive on Marketing

Branding/Marketing You, Your Individual Works, and Your Collected Body of Works

How to Create a Successful Pitch

Public Persona: Social Media and Interviews


Additional Programming:

Drinking With Authors podcast LIVE

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